Are Americans having less sex?

America is well known to its sexually charged culture. As time passed by, the majority of Americans are more into sex that later on turned into less sex activity. The idea of ‘sex’ seems to be easier than before. With all forms of social media, technologies, applications and such allow people to easily connect and communicate with others from different parts of the world. It seems that influences from these things made impact to the users, clients or etc. in enhancing the sense of their sexual life.

According to some study, Americans are having less sex activity as the years passed by, for they had sex nine times fewer per year in this early millennial year compare to the 90s. The use of pornography was decline beyond the line.

In the world of Technology and Dating Apps: Less Sex for Americans

Dating apps have a great contribution to the sex life of some Americans. It is an online dating app where you can search anyone who’s willing to meet you up or open for a hook up session. Moreover, technology can be a form of distraction that takes away the attention to their partner. Instead of compromising them in working out their relationship, as early age, they tend to focus on their gadgets or phones. Not minding the people around them even their partner is a one big shot that affects the formation of sex life among Americans.

Sex becomes boring for a couple because of the maximized use of gadgets or devices in bedroom during night. They dwell in to certain habits that make them disconnect to each other. In the age of technologies and applications in the phone specifically tinder, it may lessen the quality and essence of sex. Likewise, sexting and sending nude photos is extensive. Using these dating and hook up apps more is their way to affirm themselves. They are using this when they are drunk or bored and it seems like it has nothing to do about the desire and the satisfaction about sex. They just use it as a replacement for a real-life sex and in exploring their sexuality.

Less sex: Boon or Bane?

It is more important that the sexual lifestyle you have is a healthy one. It doesn’t matter how often or how intense of performance you give to your partner. Some people consider the changes happened that affects the limit or the frequency of their sex life. Some focuses on being a parent and some are just trying to explore or making time to find something new in life that tends to forget their sex life (specifically married couple). At some point, women might lose their sex drive as years pass by. They find it as a less duty to their husbands and making it as a personal choice as compared to the early generations. In addition, these changes of being active to sex life turned into its lowest point might have an effect as a result of culture shifts and female empowerment.

Sex should never be down the line in couple’s life. It may be lessened but at least, not become out of duty or priority.

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