How sex is a great form of exercise?

Undoubtedly, sex is a great form of exercise.

A research in PLOS ONE journal utilized a portable armband sensor. They measured the energy expenditure of 21 pairs of participants. By that, they stated that the intensity of every session went to roughly 6.0 METs. This result is known to be the high-end of the moderate intensity level and is comparable 10mph cycling.

To simply put, the study demonstrated that men can burn 4.2kcal every minute while women can burn 3.1 kcal per minute which is equivalent to an average of 69.1 kcal for girls and 101kcal for boys.

Furthermore, the result proved that during testing, blood pressure and heart rate escalated. Then, later on, approximately 19% said they feel highly fatigued while 7% of them claim high energy expenditure. Some couples stated that sex felt more tiring than a half hour treadmill too.

What does that mean?

It simply suggests that men and women who exercise regularly can reach orgasm immediately and get more active sex lives. In fact, having stronger muscle strength and better cardiovascular fit can also lead to more spontaneous sex.

Sex as an intense workout

It has come to no surprise that sex has the same impact on your body like doing an intense workout. During the session, your metabolic rate significantly goes up, your heart beats faster, burn more calories and strengthen muscles. In addition to that, it has been proven that it enhances your immune system and relieves stress.

Sex session normally lasts for approximately a half hour, burning between 50 to 100 calories. While it doesn’t look as it seems, sex is considered as a physical activity. The more efforts you exert between the sheets, the better. Additionally, the number heavily depends on several factors such as duration, body weight and position too to determine how much calories you burn.

It can be considered also as part of strength training.

Why is sex being linked with strength training? It’s because when making love, you use significant amount of muscles in the body. For instance, you love to be on top, your arms and legs do most of the efforts needed, which is way better when you’re just a mere passive partner. On the other hand, the thrusting movement of sex is an ideal motion to firm glutes and stomach, improving your posture.

For women, they enjoy the moment of getting more sex through engaging their abs and pelvic floor. To strengthen their pelvic floor, they can try the Kegels exercise, also known as the pelvic floor muscle training. However, you must be aware that strength training will need you to work on all the major muscle groups by means of your full range of movement against resistance. Although you may feel a bit burnt in some areas, lovemaking is not thorough enough to be considered as actual strength training.

Final thoughts

There’s no doubt that sex is a good way to make your adrenaline rush and burn calories. Also, it can keep the romance alive between you and your partner while ditching the gym. But for the sake of your well-being, make sure you’ll always engage in sex, exercise and healthy lifestyle.


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