Thursday, December 15, 2005

I was recently discussing masterbating with a friend. My friend was trying to recall his earliest recollections of jacking off. I asked him what he was thinking of while he did it. He said he didn't remember and that he hoped he was thinking of a woman.
This got me to thinking... It's a crime that we are raised to think that sexual desire should only be felt when thinking of another person. I can't tell how many times I have felt excitement when seeeing a nice pair of shoes or putting on a nice pair of stockings. Sometimes inanimate objects are better then people. Right now I am looking at my bong and the bowl is full of weed. My full bong is not making me horny but it does make me forget what I was talking about.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Hello Darlings,
I was recently in a dilemma in the girls room. I was telling a friend about how many times I had sex in a bathroom stall on Sunset Blvd. I hit all the popular spots.
It's a shame that those cheerleaders got caught. They are going to ruin it for everyone. Lesbian sex in a ladies room can be a real tension reliever.
But anyway... One time a girlfriend and I were making out and after a while we noticed a punk rock girl had crawled under the stall door and was licking my shoes. I don't know how long she was down there. She was only making contact with the shoe.
Well I didn't know what to do about this situation. Should I stop here? Should we include her? Do we notifiy security?
I started to say something to my girlfriend and right as I did she slid her tongue back into my mouth. So.. I just decided to do nothing. It made it so much hotter.
I felt a little bad after it was all over because I had done a lot of walking that night. I don't think my shoes were to clean. But I love being worshipped.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hello Darlings,
I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's blog. It hurts my brain really bad to write down all these big words.
I wanted to tell you a story about a dirty little Mexican gentleman I saw the other night. I was out at a social occation and a friend came up to me and asked where the security was. There was a little man in a blue hat that was grabbing her crotch. He got her 5 times. He didn't even buy her dinner or drink or anything. I think that's wrong.
I told her that I would be her security. So I spotted the little bastard weaving in and out of the crowded room. He was like a tiny little shark. Rrrraaaahhhhhrrrrr. I bound up my little fists and settled in in front of my friend. If he tried to swoop in on her again, I was going to give him a left and then a right and then a left again.
Just then there was some activity on the stage. The activity happened to be a live sex act (it was a very festive night). As soon everyone realized what was happening on stage, I saw that little blue hat shift directions. It made a B line for the stage. He popped right up on the stage and started jerking off for the entire world to see.
It was funny to see security's reaction. The security guy ran up to grab him- but he had to turn the man in a different direction before he could get a hold of him properly. If that little blue hatted man wasn't so disgusting- he could probably get a lot of work. Jacking off in front of hundreds of people can be a very marketable skill.
xoxoxo Mary Jane

it's time for smokey smoke
xoxoxo Mary Jane

Thursday, December 01, 2005

ha ha
Is Today 4/20 ? Is this my blogg ?
I had so much fun at the Comedy Store. I got in so much trouble. I was up on the stage doing my comedy and my boobies were trying to get out of my shirt. During one of my jokes that I act out my nipples keep wanting to peek out at the crowd. Nudity isn't appropriate in that situation because all the men in their go from laughing to wanting to do bad things to all of my or-a fis's. Come see how complicated next weeks performace will be, at the World Famous Comedy store on Sunset Blvd every Monday 10pm in the Belly Room.I went to Glamour-con last weekend. I was at Dave Naz's booth with my favorate book -LEGS, by Dave Naz . Masuimi Max came to sign for Steve DietGoedde, Masuimi is so sexy... it was lovely meeting her, M-m-mmm . When I was wondering around I said hello to Taylor Wayne , she had the Taylor Wayne Catfight DVD where we share the cover. The convention was a good warm up for the AVN convention in January at Las Vegas. It's yet to be seen where you can find me. Flamerotica is a new Co. I've been very involved with. I directed several feature DVD's coming soon. Taylor Wayne asked me to make appearences so, who knows.. I'll keep you up to date.MY OFFICIAL SMOKINGMARYJANE DVD -BUY ME! BUY ME! - HAS TONS OF PICS - INDOOR AND OUTSIDE, NUDE, TOYS, ROAP, PINK BATH/NEVER SEEN BEFORE INTERVEIW /BEHIND THE SCENE VIDEO ,SURAN WRAP,JOINT... NEED I SAY MORE !!!Thank you to all for your paitence with my computer etticate i shot a 20'S pin up set , I wear creme/pink little lingeree cream stalkings , life takes a turn for worse oops...join